Critical Incident Response

Is your team truly prepared to deal with any type of worksite emergency?

With increased threat and incidents of traumatic events in the workplace, it is imperative that organizations develop a critical incident response plan for crisis intervention and support.

Allied Trades (ATAP) has assembled and trained a well-equipped team of crisis experts who are able to advise and debrief in critical incident response, including:

  • traumatic accidents
  • violence
  • fatalities
  • national disasters, and more.

ATAP is prepared for emergencies by offering immediate response time, a local response team, as well as consultation and planning.

Beyond the immediate critical incident response, further assistance is also available with critical incident stress debriefing.

Member’s Quick Contact

All fields are required. The members quick contact portal should be utilized for basic questions regarding the Allied Trades Assistance Program's services. If this is a true emergency please contact 800-258-6376