Benefits of ATAP

The reasons to have an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) are many in number. The purpose of providing employees another benefit that improves their lives is the most obvious. However, there are many other reasons to have an EAP that benefit the organization’s bottom line. Consider the following benefits when you know that at any given time 20% of employees struggle with personal problems and that troubled employees are at least 20% less productive than their co- workers:

  • ATAP services can result in a higher employee retention rate and help attract quality employees by enhancing your overall organizational health.
  • Studies show that an EAP reduces work related accidents.
  • It is a great tool for Risk Management and Loss Prevention.
  • Studies show that having an EAP reduces employee absenteeism and personal sick leave
  • It is a resource for members, union officials and management to address employee issues.
  • ATAP has a number of trainings and seminars designed to improve employee functioning and increases their awareness.
  • Studies show that an EAP helps reduce work comp claims and employee grievances.
  • Employees receiving the mental health and substance counseling they need will be less problematic on the job by functioning at an optimal level.
  • Use of an EAP often results in lower annual premium increases for medical and worker comp benefits.

Member’s Quick Contact

All fields are required. The members quick contact portal should be utilized for basic questions regarding the Allied Trades Assistance Program's services. If this is a true emergency please contact 800-258-6376