Addiction Awareness Program

Who is appropriate for the Program?

The Addiction Awareness Program is designed for the person who tests positive for alcohol or drug use but, for various possible reasons, is not appropriate for admission into an intensive addiction rehabilitation program.

What are the Program Components?

The Addiction Awareness Program is composed of four sessions:

  • 1 Individual Intake & Orientation Session
  • 2 Addiction Awareness Group Sessions
  • 1 Individual Discharge Planning Session
  • 1 Discharge Summary Report

What are the Goals of the Addiction Awareness Program?

The Addiction Awareness Program is tailored to meet the following goals:

  • Self Assessment Participants in the Addiction Awareness Program are guided in determining whether they have a substance use disorder — and what they want to do about it.
  • Professional Assessment Throughout the course of the Addiction Awareness Program, skilled addiction specialists develop an assessment of each participant. This assessment is then reported in a Discharge Summary.
  • Awareness Education The focus of the two group sessions is educational in nature. Through the use of videotapes, lectures and group discussions, participants will learn:
  1. What are the Symptoms of Alcoholism & Drug Addiction?
  2. Is Addiction Really a Disease?
  3. Drug Testing in Today’s Society/ D.O.T. Mandates/ History & Testing Sophistication.
  4. The Physical & Psychological Effects of Alcohol & Drugs.

Member’s Quick Contact

All fields are required. The members quick contact portal should be utilized for basic questions regarding the Allied Trades Assistance Program's services. If this is a true emergency please contact 800-258-6376