Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Critical incident response is far more than just emergency help for an individual involved in an incident. It also encompasses counseling and appropriate care for all workers who may have witnessed the incident or been in the workplace as it happened.

No one expects workers to simply bounce back from viewing something like the serious injury of a co-worker, a fatal workplace incident, or a violent attack. Having services available to serve as critical incident stress debriefing is key to effective and swift recovery.

The response team available through Allied Trades specializes in what one might refer to as small group “psychological first aid.” Critical incident stress debriefing walks your team through the emotional and mental response to a traumatic situation.

Critical incident stress management helps to build resiliency and provide an effective route to bounce back after trauma. This type of specialized stress management is of incredible value in guiding and helping your team return to normal, healthy function after a traumatic incident.

Member’s Quick Contact

All fields are required. The members quick contact portal should be utilized for basic questions regarding the Allied Trades Assistance Program's services. If this is a true emergency please contact 800-258-6376