The Benefits of EAP Programs


An EAP program is originally designed to “enhance employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification and resolution of personal and productivity issues.” What this means is that Employee Assistance Professionals (EAP’s) are hired to help assist employees in obtaining treatment if they need it, in part to enhance the efficiency of the company’s workforce.

Some benefits of these programs include:

  • Fewer accidents and less absenteeism.“Companies that utilize EAP services report 21% lower absenteeism and 14% greater productivity than other companies”
  • Help lessen healthcare costs due to stress related illnesses. “Collectively claims for depression, stress and anxiety cost U.S. employers an estimated $344 billion each year due to lost productivity, disability claims and medical fees.”
  • Reduce uses of inappropriate and costly treatments. “In the last two years, 27% of adults have seen a mental health professional for therapy or taken a prescription medication for a personal, emotional or mental health problem. 80% of those who received treatment found it effective.”
  • Improve morale of employees. “One-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.”
  • Maintain strong employees and lessen employee turnover. “The estimated costs to replace an employee range from 30% of an employee’s annual salary for entry level and unskilled workers to five times the annual salary for executives.”

EAP programs work to increase the effectiveness of any workforce. In many cases, people need treatment for problems that are occurring in their lives and EAP’s help to assist these individuals. Unfortunately a person’s life at home can greatly impact the way they perform at work, and using EAP services is one way to both help the employee, and keep the company’s workforce strong.

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