How to Fight the Cravings:

exercise_sflbIt’s bound to happen that even after time passes, a craving sets in. A craving for whatever your substance of choice is: from a shot of vodka to a handful of percocets- it will happen. But then you have to ask yourself: can I fight the temptation to give in? It is not always the easiest road to take, but for certain it is the best one.

After going through treatment, or going to AA/NA meetings, you may feel like no one can bring you down and that’s great, until reality sets in. Going to old hangouts, or seeing old friends can always trigger the old feelings; sometimes your body even physically craves it without any triggers at all. At this point in recovery, it is important to remember why you chose to quit in the first place and that you can beat the addiction.

Exercise frequently.

  • Call or meet up with someone you can talk to.
  • Attend meetings and/or follow a treatment plan.
  • Be aware that relapses can occur- knowledge is power in this case.

Unfortunately, relapses are very common when battling addiction. It is important for the person recovering, as well as anyone they surround themselves with, to be aware of the risks that will be faced on the long road ahead. Physical cravings are one of the hardest side effects to combat, but in recovery you must be prepared for them to occur. It is possible to beat an addiction if you stay strong and never give in to temptation.

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